Compassion - a little goes a long way

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Educate the Children

Basic education should not be limited to only the privileged; it should be available to every child, anywhere in the world. With our recent successes achieved in Karachi, Pakistan, we are developing plans to open additional schools in Pakistan, Tanzania & Kenya.Read More

Health care for needy

Infant mortality rate in Somaliland is too high!  Join us and help these mothers. Click Here to learn how you can help".Read More

Adult vocational training

The goal is two-fold. In the short terms it is to provide training to enable adults to have better job opportunities.  The long term goal is to setup social enterprises using the skills. Read More

Learn to Read the Quran - Online Tajweed

Ommana offers 1-on-1 Online Classes by our team of trained Qari’s. Read More